Sales taxes are just a necessary evil that affects individuals all across the nation. For those shoppers with limited funds, sales taxes can be quite the burden. However, throughout California, there is not a sales tax on food items designed for human consumption with just a few exceptions. Keep in mind, that there is a sales tax on restaurant meals and preheated meals as well.

Other than that, there is a slaes tax of 6% through the state of California. In addition, there is a 1.5% sales tax in Orange County for specific items. In addition, the commercial sales tax rate which is imposed by both County and State remains at 7.75%

Also consider the fact that there are some California municipalities that have the specific power to impose special sales taxes. There are those incorporated locations found in Orange County that have an extra municipal tax rate that can place the tax rate above 7.75% In the end, it simply comes down to the consumer checking sales rate taxes prior to shopping at specific locations to determine how much of a sales tax they will be paying.