The Formula 1 Fan Defined What a wonderful and diverse world modern Formula 1 is. It offers a mystique, a sexiness, that no other motorsport can offer. Exhaustive research and analysis is carried out every year on the people that make up the F1 audience.

We’re told F1 supporters are intelligent, articulate, usually affluent and posses a “worldliness” and sophistication that has seen multinationals clamouring over themselves, pouring billions into the sport to try and associate themselves with the F1 brand. Well for the first time, I have conducted my own highly technical and scientific research (I spoke to a couple of my mates down at the pub) to compile the definitive F1 Fan study. This should be essential reading for all the marketing directors out there. THE SCHUSCIPLE Distinguishing Features: •Exclusively wear scarlet red •Know that F1 started in 1991 •Have had chin augmentation surgery Located •Everywhere – they’re like damn cockroaches – they just keep multiplying. Favoured Products •Anything endorsed by St Michael of Maranello Favourite Saying •I hope it rains, that will the “Rainmaster” at his best •Schumacher is the greatest of all time because………….. •Schumacher is so great he could win in any car (this saying has recently been heard less often) Marketing Tip •If you want to sell something to the Schusciple, either paint it scarlet red, or feature a picture of the man himself – no other work is needed. •Be prepared to spend $8 billion (Schumacher’s current rate for an endorsement) OLD SCHOOL Distinguishing Features: •Believe Formula 1’s glory days were circa 1520 •Juan “Johnny Come Lately” Fangio marks the decline of Formula 1 •Vehemently opposed to such ridiculous introductions as seat belts, brakes, helmets and engines. Located •Zimmer frame or public library Favoured Products •Gramophone •Wireless (no not the internet connection – radio) Favourite Saying •I remember when…………… •This will be the end of Formula 1 Marketing Tips •Unless your client owns a funeral home or manufactures hemorrhoid cream, don’t bother.

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