In 1999, Paul Teutul, Sr established a line of exclusive customized motorcycle called the Orange COunty Chopper line. However, his company maintains very close ties with Newburgh, a community found in Orange County, New York. While this may be a bit of a heartbreak to many California residents, there are several directories online that lise the Choppers as an Orange County, California company as well. With that being said, it would look as though there is more than enough love to go around for Orange County Choppers! Over the last few years, there have been several reality shows that have heavily featured the Choppers, among them American Chopper.

In the early 90s, Jesse James created and launched the company, West Coast Choppers which was designed to see stickers and T-shirts. However, the company would eventually branch out into the production and sales of customized motorcycles in the Long Beach area. In addition, this company would become the star of their very own reality television program. Eventually, Jesse James would move his firm to Texas.