There are many states located in the United States which have a county under the name “Orange County”. Three states with the highest populations in the United States all include an Orange County, those include California, Florida, and New York. We are going to focus our attention on Orange County, California as well as the West Coast in general.

Orange County can be found within Southern California’s warm coastal zone and includes the greater Los Angeles area. In earlier times, was home to some of the largest citrus groves in the United States. In fact, the county still produces quite a few lemons and oranges today, however, it is on a much smaller scale.

Orange County is surrounded by four other counties in California. As you travel north, you will encounter Los Angeles County. While San Diego County can be found to the south. The eastern border offers Riverside County. And of course, San Bernardino County can be found as a north eastern boundary. While the Western border of Orange County touch the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.